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5 things a student visa holder should avoid

Australia is one of the top choices for foreign students when it comes to education. Although, studying in Australia is incredibly exciting and rewarding for student from all over the world, there are some things a student visa holder should not do while holding a student visa.

Here are 5 such things that a student visa holder should avoid doing:

Working more than permitted:

Student visa holders are allowed 48 hours per fortnight during their course is in session. Students are not allowed to work up until their course starts. Make sure you adhere to these limitations to avoid violating your visa conditions.

Changing courses without permission:

If you wish to change your course of study, you need to consult with your education provider and possibly inform the Department of Home Affairs. Changing courses without authorization may affect your visa status.

Not maintaining health insurance:

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is mandatory for the duration of your stay in Australia. Ensure you keep your health cover active and up to date to avoid any issues.

Not informing changes in circumstances:

If there are any changes in your circumstances such as change of address, or relationship status, you must inform the Department of Home Affairs within the specified timeframe.

Not attending classes:

Student visa holders are expected to maintain satisfactory attendance in their enrolled courses. Failure to attend classes regularly can lead to visa cancellation.

Not complying with any of the above may have a negative impact on your student visa. In some situations, your student visa may get cancelled.

For any advice specific to your situation, please contact us. We will be happy to help!