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Find Your Best Course + Save Australian Wildlife


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About Australia Study Team

Australia Study Team is Adelaide’s own 100% South Australian owned and operated, profit for purpose Education Agent.

Australia Study Team was established by Chris Johnston, an alumnus of Adelaide University and formerly the SA State President of the Migration Institute of Australia. His multi-lingual team (Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog, Hindi, Punjabi, English, and Portuguese) of Registered Migration Agents and Education Agents are experts in Australian student visas and the Australian higher education and vocational education system.

South Australian Focus

We love living and working in South Australia.

We consider the South Australia options for international students as our first step.

There are a number of benefits to living and studying in South Australia.

The whole of South Australia is classified as regional for migration purposes.

There can be extra points available for general skilled migration courses, if the course completed involves two years of study and is at the required level.

Move to South Australia has a generous list of skilled occupations and concessions for South Australian graduates.

Australian Focus

We can assist you with enrolments for courses anywhere in Australia.

We understand that some courses are only offered in one or in limited locations.

We look forward to hearing from you and to assisting you to plan the best course enrolment for you.

Find your best course, Save Australian Wildlife

Australia Study Team is a profit for purpose company. That means that our social responsibilities are embedded in our actions.

We love our Aussie wildlife, especially our beautiful koalas. To help our critically endangered Australian wildlife – like our beloved koalas – Australia Study Team will donate a percentage of every enrolment to wildlife rescue and natural habitat restoration.

So when you enrol to study in Australia through Australia Study Team, you will help to save a koala!

About koalas

The koala is an Australian animal, often mistakenly called a ‘koala bear.’ Actually, the koala is a marsupial – that means it has a pouch for growing its babies.

While koalas may look cute and cuddly, their fur is actually quite tough, like wool, and they have sharp claws to help them climb trees. Koalas can even swim!

We love our koalas in Australia, but sadly, they are now critically endangered across the country, due to habitat loss and climate change. Koalas live in eucalyptus (gum) trees, and they only eat the leaves of these trees. This means that if their habitat is cleared or destroyed by fire, they do not have anything to eat.

Australia Study Team is committed to helping these beautiful icons of the Australian Bush.

Our commitment

For every vocational enrolment with Australia Study Team, we will donate $100 to an Australian wildlife charity.

For every university enrolment with Australia Study Team, we will donate $150 to an Australian wildlife charity.

You can measure our impact by checking out our Koala Counter here.

By choosing the best study for your future, you will help save wildlife in Australia!