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Applying for a visa is a complex process. It’s important to seek professional advice. Australia Study Team will help you to apply for your student visa. Our Registered Migration Agents (RMAs) can advise you on the visa subclass that matches your program of study, including Student Visa (500), Graduate Visa (485), and Guardian Visa (590) subclasses. and support you through the visa application process. We have a team of bilingual and multilingual Student Visa specialists to assist you in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tagalog, Visaya, Hindi, and Punjabi.

Student Visas

Once you have successfully enrolled in your Australian course, you will need a student visa to enter Australia as an international student. Our experienced team can assist you to apply for subclass 500 student visas, and to renew your student visa if required.

Graduate Visas

When you have finished your undergraduate (Bachelor degree) study in Australia, you may wish to continue to postgraduate study. You will need to apply for a Graduate 485 visa. The course you have studied and the institution you have attended may impact the type of Graduate visa you can apply for. Australia Study Team can advise you on this process and assist you to apply.

Parent/Guardian Visas

If you are a parent or a guardian of a primary or high school student aged 18 years or under, and you wish to accompany your child to Australia to attend school, you will need to apply for a Parent/Guardian visa (subclass 590 Guardian visa). Our team can help you to apply for this visa to accompany your student visa holder to Australia.