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Good News for International Students – Australia Education Partnership.

By 13 June 2023No Comments

Welcome to the Australia Study Team’s news videos.

We will provide you with news about educational opportunities and students visas There is a lot of positive news around Australian Education and Visas at the moment.

The Minister for Immigration Andrew Giles has recently stated that visa backlogs have been cut from 1 million to 570,000. The Immigration Department has been hiring staff to up capacity.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese recently visited India and announced a new agreement that will make it easier for students to have their degrees recognised in each country. This is a long-awaited step to increase the number of 130,000 students from India already studying in Australia. We are often asked questions about student visas and work rights. During Covid, work rights were unlimited for students.

From 1st July 2023 work restrictions will be applied. Before Covid, the restriction was up to 40 hours. The new rule is being set at 48 hours. Secondary visa holders can generally work the same amount as the primary visa holder. The partners of Masters Students can work full time. There are a number of courses, which offer flexible study hours, to enable students to undertake work, within the limitations of their visa.

Australia Study Team is working with the Adelaide Institute of Hospitality AIOH is an education provider linked with apprenticeship opportunities in the South Australian hospitality industry. AIOH has launched its CRICOS approved course for international students They are offering a two years Certificate III, IV in Commercial Cookery and Diploma in Hospitality. Chef is on the MTSOL skilled list and can lead to a temporary graduate visa to live and work in Australia for at least two years. This course provides a path to migration as a Chef. The AIOH recently held a launch party with Australia Study Team, which was well received by students and industry.

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