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Recent Changes in the Australian International Education System

By 21 September 2023No Comments

In a recent joint media release, Ministers Clare, O’Connor, and O’Neil unveiled a series of pivotal changes poised to reshape the landscape of international student enrollment and visa compliance.

Changing courses:

International students who have been in Australia for less than 6 months will not be able to change their course. If someone wants to change their course, they will need to wait for at least 6 months which means they will have to study the course they got a student visa for, for at least 6 months and then they may be able to change their course. This change has already been implemented. This has been done to maintain the quality and integrity of this sector.

This concept of 6 months is not new, it has been there. Earlier if student had studied their primary course for at least 6 months, they could easily change their course, and students who wanted to change their course before 6 months had to get a release letter and permission from their primary education provider, which was a bit of a process. But now changing course before 6 months will not be allowed at all.

Increase in savings required:

Starting from 1st October 2023, there will be an increase in the amount of living expenses and students will need to show evidence of AUD24,505 in savings. At present this figure is AUD21,041. This change will ensure that students coming to Australia for studies can afford to support themselves and are not exploited because they will need urgent job to support themselves.

The government is also considering suspending high-risk education providers, which means they will not more be able to enrol international students any kore. This has not been implemented yet, Government is considering doing this because they identified more than 200 providers with a visa refusal rate of more than 50%.

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