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Recent Increase in Financial Capacity for Student Visas in Australia

By 20 November 2023No Comments

Starting from the 1st of October 2023 the living expenses that need to be shown have been increased to AUD 24,505 as compared to AUD 21,041 previously. This means that single students must demonstrate savings of AUD 24,505.

For those bringing their families, additional savings are necessary to cover living costs. This includes AUD 8,574 for students, AUD 3,670 for a partner, and an extra AUD 9,661 for each school-aged child. A school-aged child is defined as a child over the age of five years.

The purpose of this increase is to ensure that students arriving in Australia for study have sufficient financial support for themselves and their families throughout their studies, preventing any potential exploitation.

These requirements are for everybody, regardless of which country you are from. We understand it’s a big amount of money and sometimes it is hard to show the financial capacity. But if you are thinking of studying in Australia, you may need some preparation and some planning in advance.  

If you have any questions about how much funds you need to show or are not sure about what documents to include, please contact us at: 

We are here to assist you.


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