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10 Things to Include When Writing a Strong GTE Statement

GTE or the Genuine Temporary Entry requirement is one of the main requirements for student visas. We’ve made a video on GTE requirements. You can watch the video here:

The focus of GTE is showing the value of Australian education and the reasons and incentives to return home.

GTE statement is a statement written by the student that helps the case officer decide whether the student has a genuine intention to stay temporarily in Australia or not. 

When writing your GTE statement, consider including the following:

  1. Briefly discuss your family background.
  2. Detail your past education history, especially focusing on relevant courses.
  3. Provide an overview of your employment history, giving more attention to jobs relevant to your intended course of study in Australia.
  4. Address any gaps in your studies or employment.
  5. List your immigration history, including countries visited and the purpose of each visit.
  6. Explain why you want to study your chosen course and how it will benefit your career.
  7. Elaborate on why you selected the specific university or college for your studies.
  8. What are your future plans after you complete the course? For example, you want to apply for a job or open your own business in your home country.  
  9. Your incentives to return back to your home country, for example, your family or any assets you have back home.  
  10. Express why you chose to study in Australia over other countries.

By incorporating these ten elements, you can present a comprehensive and compelling case that demonstrates your genuine intention to pursue temporary studies in Australia. Remember, clarity, honesty, and alignment with visa requirements are essential for a successful application.

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