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GTE to GS – What is a Genuine Student Requirement in Australia?

Recently, the GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) requirement for a student visa has been replaced by the Genuine Student (GS) requirement starting from 23 March 2024.

Difference Between Genuine Temporary Entrant and Genuine Student

The major difference between GTE and GS is that under GTE, international students had to prove they would return to their home country after completing their studies, which is no longer the case.

GTE required a 300-word statement included in the application form, whereas GS consists of a set of questions with a 150-word limit each, providing more space for students to explain themselves.

Genuine Student Questions

GS questions are similar to what students used to include in their GTE statements, such as:

  1. Applicant’s current circumstances, including their ties to family and community.
  2. Employment circumstances if they have been working and their financial and economic circumstances.
  3. Potential circumstances in Australia, such as knowledge of living in Australia, their course, the education provider, and the research they have done.
  4. Why the student wishes to study this particular course in Australia with this particular education provider.
  5. How completing the course will benefit the student.

Applications made onshore will be scrutinized, and students will be asked further questions about their previous studies in Australia and whether they complied with their previous visa conditions. If they were holding any other visa, they would be asked why they did not apply for a student visa initially.

Updated Application and Declaration

The updated application also includes a section for other relevant information, allowing students to provide additional details if they wish.

The student declaration has been updated to include the requirement to inform the department about any changes in their circumstances, including contact details or changes in family unit.

Another major clause in the declaration is that if the visa ceases and the student does not hold another visa to remain in Australia, they will be expected to depart from Australia and be subject to removal.

Transition from GTE to GS

Student visa applications lodged before this date will be assessed based on GTE, but we have seen that even students who lodged their applications before this date and are still in processing are being contacted by their universities or colleges to answer GS questions to issue revised offer letters or CoEs.

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We hope this information helps you stay informed about the latest changes in Australian immigration policies. Thank you for reading, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need further assistance.